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Whink rust stain remover gets rid of those unsightly stains in your sink, bathtub and toilet. Water doesn't only stain your fixtures but, over time, can stain your laundry too. This stain remover is safe for colorfast fabrics and carpets. Formulated to remove rust stains without having to scrub the surface
Not a general purpose rust remover
Water-based formula is safe on pipes and septic systems

Our Price: $9.49

May stain skin. Wear gloves. Protect finished surfaces. Remove loose rust, dirt and oil. Sand with coarse sandpaper (50 grit) or wire brush. Some rust must remain to be neutralized. Caution: The product may cause rust if applied to a non-rusted surface. Surface Preparation: 1) Old Steel: All loose or flaky rust, dirt, oil, paint and all other contaminants must be removed. Only conversion of firmly bonded rust will result in durable protection. Loose rust, mill scale and oil paint should be removed preferably by power wire brushing, followed by rinsing with water to remove powder and soluble. Manual wire brushing, chipping and scraping can also be used. 2) Rust Conversion Time and Appearance: Two coats of Loctite Extend Rust Neutralizer are recommended. On lightly rusted steel (that has been wire brushed), the first coat will start to develop a violet color within 60 seconds. This will become satin to flat black in appearance. The second coat should dry to a satin black appearance. On heavily rusted steel (that has been wire brushed), the first coat should develop a purple-black color within seconds. The second coat should dry to a black color with gloss varying from flat to satin. The second coat should be applied within 15 to 30 minutes of the first coat.
  • Converts rust: chemically converts rusted metal into a neutral black surface
  • Paintable: after application, simply coat with oil or lacquer-based paint to bring metal surface to new life
  • Easy to use: simply apply rust neutralizer on the metal for a tough polymer surface
  • Works on: metal surfaces such as iron and steelgreat for iron railings, barbeque grills, pipes, ductwork, cars and more
  • Fast acting: sets in 20 minutes per coat for quick project completion

Our Price: $10.39